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Other Services

We offer a full suite of digital marketing and graphic design services to support you in elevating your brand. Our highly skilled and capable digital marketing and graphic design teams will help you to connect your brand with the world by delivering measurable, tangible results along the way.

Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in building awareness and stimulating engagement.

Our expert digital marketing team provides a comprehensive social media management service which includes the day-to-day running of your brand’s social media platforms, creation and scheduling of content that is relevant to your target audience, and managing your brand’s relationship with customers by raising awareness and stimulating engagement.


Each brand has its own unique story to tell. Our role is to identify and help share it.

Through communications,  we can better position your brand with its target audience, enhance your online presence and manage your reputation. We offer full preparation of press materials and distribution to outlets. 


Search Engine Marketing & PPC

Search Engine Marketing brings your customers to you once a need arises.

Paid search platforms, like Google Ads, allow brands to reach their customers at any point in the customer journey, by sponsoring their search intent-related search keywords. This positions your brand ahead of your competitors on relevant search engine results and makes it more likely for them to visit your website. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) means that charges are only incurred for those who click on the result, giving you an excellent return on spend.

Logo & Branding

We don’t just design logos - we design holistic and flexible brand identity systems.

Branding needs to work across a vast range of physical and digital media. It’s more than just the logo, it’s the typography, the colour, the treatment of images. It is about the visuals matching the tone of voice while quickly conveying the things that make your brand unique and desirable.

We spend time researching and developing to make sure that the brand identity systems we design meet all the golden rules for what makes a good logo. We then start as good designers should, with a pencil and paper. We then work closely with our clients to develop a stunning new brand ID.

Copper coast Waterford Logo design


Tackling short customer attention spans sometimes takes a little creativity.

We love working with bare information, devising creative ways to present facts and figures in a way that is both memorable and engaging. Infographics present a great way of quickly communicating key facts to stakeholders without needing heaps of text.

As well as beautifully designed diagrams, flowcharts, and graphs, we create animated infographics that bring your stats to life and work amazing on websites and social media.

Research suggests that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to just 10% of it when reading it in text.

Annual Report Design Services

Brochures, Reports & Magazines

Our design team thrives on creating layout designs with flair, creativity, and accuracy.

Using creative typography, stunning image treatments, and considered composition, we create printed documents that our clients and customers love. This classical graphic design skill gives us a supreme advantage when designing websites, too. 

With unrivaled coalface experience in the printing industry, this experience gives us the ability to consider the physical feel of the publication as a part of the design, and leverage advanced print techniques to really give our work the ‘wow factor’ while providing our clients with an excellent return on spend. 

Annual Report Design Waterford Investment Brochure mockup cover