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Web Design

Our Web Design & Web Development Agency in Waterford, Ireland creates bespoke, custom websites that bring results for your business or organisation. In addition to our range of other creative services including Digital Content Creation and SEO, our WordPress Web Design services (built from scratch) are all about connecting your customers with your brand through the best possible user experience.

Web Design & Development

Our agency creates custom-built websites that your customers are sure to love.

We want only the best for your new website, and this is why we use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our team of highly skilled web developers have, through many years of combined experience, built a diverse range of websites for our clients, ranging from responsive and user-friendly brochure websites to large-scale eCommerce websites.

Our Web Design Agency does all the heavy lifting to make a website that is easy to update, maintain and integrate with your back office – allowing you to streamline your virtual sales process and focus on what really matters for your business.

Our speciality is in WordPress – however, we also have experience building websites which leverage many of the most common open-source technologies like HTML5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, Node.js and more.




As the shift to eCommerce continues, more retailers are tapping into previously unexplored customer segments online. 

Not only is eCommerce expenditure rising amongst Irish consumers at an exponential rate, but Irish retailers are beginning to realise the economies of scale of digitalising their sales channels to reach brand new markets, too.

Our Web Developers create user-friendly online stores by utilising WordPress extensions like WooCommerce to facilitate accessible shopping with all the ease that comes with a WordPress website. Alternatively, we are well versed in the development of Shopify web stores too.

Our eCommerce solutions are fully scalable, supported, and cost-effective, making updating and running your web store a simple process. Additionally, our eCommerce websites integrate perfectly with the most renowned payment gateways, shipping APIs, CRMs, and stock control systems.



eCommerce Website - Shopify

Customer-Focused Websites

Your website is about more than just its programming.

While we integrate highly technical solutions into the creation of your website, the process by which we build it is much more fluid than that. Our team of strategists and creatives begins the web-building journey by getting a grasp of your brand – who you are, what you do, and what you hope to achieve for your business.

Our holistic web-building process means that we design websites that encompass your brand, its product or service offering, key drivers of change, and of course – the end-user experience. From here, we create wireframes and visual designs for your approval, before coding the site into a fully functional, responsive website.

All of our websites are designed to reflect your brand, both in tone and aesthetic, as well as providing a thoroughly user-friendly experience through mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate web design.


UX & UI Design

Your website must be thoughtfully laid out and easy to use for your customers.

The UX or user experience is a key element of website design as it aims to fulfill the customer’s needs. Providing your customer’s with a positive website experience will encourage them to stay loyal to your business. UX also helps you to shape your customer’s journey to outline areas most prevalent to your business’s success.

We help to guide your website visitors through intuitive interactions and transitions, with a focus on the mobile user and creating a positive UX.

The UI or user interface is the overall look and feel of a website and how it is presented to the user. The user interface is one of the primary methods of increasing website traffic which can help to improve your overall conversion rate. Without a positive user-friendly interface, it will be very difficult for your business to have a successful online presence.

We consider accessibility, usability, and brand meaning when developing your UI design to help display and communicate your message in the best way.




UX & UI Design
Deliver Discover Create

Web Design Process

1. Discover

Understanding the the user journey

Let’s find out what your visitors want and need from your site. Then, let’s figure out the best way to show that to them, get them clicking through, and converting (the fancy marketing word for buying from you!)

2. Design

UI Design (the Look & Feel)

Our team of qualified, highly experienced graphic designers create on-brand, bespoke User Interface (UI) design to display your message in the best possible way. They consider accessibility, mobile responsiveness and your brand values in every design decision.

UX Design (The Clicky Stuff)

User Experience (UX) design is where our designers make your new website satisfying and intuitive to use. We guide your visitors using clever micro-interactions, transitions, always considering mobile users and creating a responsive UX.

We design and develop interactive prototypes so you can see your new site taking shape online and feedback into the design process before we get to coding

We design and develop interactive prototypes so that you can see your new site taking shape online, and provide us with feedback on the design process before we begin coding.

3. Deliver

Our ninja developers get busy coding and testing your new website. The actual stack they use is a closely guarded secret, but the output is quality checked, compiled for maximum responsiveness, and blazing fast, meaning that our websites are fast, secure and super easy to update. You won’t find Divi, Elementor or any of that code bloat in our websites!

Following launch, we offer a range of support services ranging from basic technical support and training up to full digital marketing management.